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Being a professional voice-over artist has been my dream job for many years. I'm so pleased and proud to say my recent career highlights include becoming the voice of the Loews Hotels family of properties, voicing animated and promotional spots for and The Dr. Oz Show, and reading the WeightMate video health series.

I was first introduced to the VO industry when I was a promo producer in the late '90s. I was often told that I had a unique sound, but I didn’t consider the reality of a voice career until I spent most of my work hours in recording studios and edit suites. My broadcast production experience was honed at networks and shows including ESPN Classic, Oxygen and Inside Edition, and I would always envy the VO talent on the other side of the recording booth glass.

I started attending a weekly workshop at Pomann Sound in NYC, run by my fabulous coach Wendy, which allowed me to continue my voice-over education in the company of experienced mentors and fellow professionals. Additional training included Linda Weaver & Nina Pratt's VO Technique Class, and Lisa Fischoff & Elizabeth Bunnell's VO Workshop.

I started vocal training in 1998, but work priorities kept me from doing it for long. I finally got the opportunity to put my voice to work while producing broadcast promos for Oxygen. The network had just launched and there was little room in my budget for VOs, so I just recorded them myself. It was my first taste of voice work, and I got to bring my OWN scripts to life…I loved it.

Now, armed with the training, skills and in-studio experience to match my ambition and enthusiasm, I'm eager to work on a wide variety of projects. Being a producer as well as an artist, I bring a distinctive point of view, a precise ear and creative ideas to every session. I specialize in commercial, promo and industrial content, but I'm open to other genres of voice acting, like character and animation work.

In 2008, I got the opportunity to resume my training. I worked consistently with speech coach AnnJoan Hyman at Sam Chwat's New York Speech Improvement Services, and seasoned voice-over coach & artist, Wendy Dillon.

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